ESOL Coursework with tuition and textbook support

  • Cohort teachers will take 5 online ESOL courses toward VA Add-on ESOL endorsement (tuition and textbook supported) and will earn Mason Graduate Certificate in TESOL for PK-12 Practitioners
  • After the 2-year PD, teachers will take the ESOL Praxis (test fee will be provided) 
  • The number of VA-endorsed teachers will be reported to the NPD Sponsor (US Dept of Ed)

Saturday Virtual Workshop with stipend ($100/workshop)

  • 8 Saturday Workshops will be provided to Cohort teachers with a stipend on the topics of family literacy engagement, use of EL assessment data, and STEM instructional strategies
  • Nationally recognized scholars in EL and STEM education will provide sessions

Summer Institute (Y2 & Y4) with stipend ($100/day)

  • 4-day summer institute open to cohort and non-cohort teachers