Manqian Zhao, Ph.D

Title: Postdoctoral Fellow

Groups: Project Personnel

Dr. Manqian Zhao /manchian jao/ is a postdoc faculty at GMU. She received her Ph.D. degree in Bilingual and Multilingual Education from the University of Connecticut Storrs, where she has carried out research as part of several federally funded research projects, including a study of argument writing development among Latino elementary students and interventions that support the reading development of young children. Before her doctoral study, she was a first-grade Chinese teacher in GA working with the Mandarin-Chinese Dual Immersion Program. During her doctoral study, she has been teaching two graduate-level courses – Multicultural Education and Sheltered Instruction for English Learners (SIOP). With language proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, English, and her teaching experience in both Mandarin and English, her research explores the linguistic transfer among young students between two languages that do share the same orthography. Dr. Zhao’s publications appearing in Mathematics Teacher Journal and TESOL newsletter, provide ELs instructional strategies for novice high school math teachers and bilingual teachers.